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You can go to Hakuba Vally ski resorts by free and pay
(to Cortina) shuttle bus.
(Happo-one, Hakuba47, Goryu, Iwatake, Tsugaike, Norikura, Cortina, Kashimayari )

  BROWNIE Cottages (6 cottages)
         Green season                      Winter season
All cottages are  64㎡
All cottages: with 2 rooms and a loft. (room with 2 beds + room with 3 beds + in a loft with 2 low beds or futons)

 Rental BBQ table (one table fits eight people),( 2,700yen)
 BBQ house(summer season)


 ・Living rooms have under floor heating
 ・Microwave oven,
 ・Toaster oven
 ・Set of tableware
 ・Towel & bathtowel
 ・Please bring your own pajamas and tooth brush.
☆ Check-in ・・・ 15:00   Check-out ・・・ 10:00

BROWNIE Condominiums (6 units)
All units with two bedrooms( 2 beds + 2 or 3 beds), a living room and kitchen, all 54㎡


The view from the room (green season)

 Winter season


                          Washing machine

・Balcony (all units)
・Kitchen( no dryer)
・Microwave oven,
・Toaster oven
・Kettle pot, Rice cooker & Toaster
・Set of tableware
Hair dryer
・Washing machine ( no dryer)
・Towel & bathtowel
・Each Condominium has Wi-Fi.
・Please bring your own pajamas and tooth brush.
There is a laundromat in the neighborhood.

METEOR Log Hotel is Canadian big log house
Handmade Canadian Log House Lodge
・ 7all deluxe rooms with ensuite.
 1F・・・3 twin rooms and 1triple room. 
 2F・・・2 twin rooms (plus two beds in a loft) and 1triple room (plus two beds in a loft).
 2F・・・Common kitchen
・Max. Capacity 22 persons (Booking the entire lodge is possible)

Common kitchen ( IH cooking, Dish washer, Refrigerator,
Microwave oven, Electric floor heater)

Triple rooms(30㎡)

Twin room(24㎡)

2F Lounge

1F lobby

☆Room cleaning & bedmaking
 Room cleaning in both these accommodations will be done once every 4 days and this includes;
 cleaning of facilities, towel change and bedding changes.
Extra cleaning i.e. towel and bedding changes can be arranged
 at a cost of 4000yen(big log house is 10,000yen) per once. To arrange extra cleaning, please call reception.
 Cleaning is possible by oneself.
 Cleaning utensils (vacuum cleaner etc.) are supplied for the rooms.
☆Credit card・・・ All major credit cards.

Price (include 8% tax and no meal)
 Price is room charge (include 8% tax and no meal).
 Over 5 years old child is same price of adult.

Brownie Villas (Cottage and Condominium)


Room charge price+ 8% tax / per night


Room charge price+ 8% tax / per night

2 people -

20,000 + 1,600 = 21,600yen

(10,000yen per person)

3 people

30,000 + 2,400 = 32,400yen

(10,000yen per person)

25,500 + 2,040 = 27,540yen

(8,500yen per person)

4 people

36,000 + 2,880 = 38,880yen

(8,500 yen per person)

30,000 + 2,400 =  32,400yen

(7,500 yen per person)

5 people

40,000 + 3,200 = 43,200yen

(8,000 yen per person

32,500 + 2,600 = 35,100yen

(6,500 yen per person)

6 people

42,000 + 3,360 = 45,360yen

(7,000 yen per person)

7 people

45,500 + 3,640 = 49,140yen

(6,500 yen per person)

Additional utility costs: 2,500 yen per night per cabin(unit). It’s no commission
From 3rd March to 26th April 2019: 20% discount

Whole METEOR Big Log house(Japanese yen)
These prices mean the Log hotel (Big Log House) will be held exclusively for your group (no other customers).
The above is to book the entire lodge for your group.

The cost to book the entire Log Hotel (maximum capacity is 22 people + 7 extra sofa beds).

Big Log house

per night

10 pax

100,000 + 8% tax 8,000= 108,000yen


110,000 + 8% tax 8,800= 118,800yen


120,000 + 8% tax 9,600= 129,600 yen


130,000 + 8% tax 10,400= 140,400 yen


140,000 + 8% tax 11,200= 151,200 yen


(140,000+4,000) + 8% tax 11,520= 155,520 yen


(140,000+8,000) + 8% tax 11,840= 159,840 yen


(140,000+12,000) + 8% tax 12,160= 164,160 yen


(140,000+16,000) + 8% tax 12,480= 168,480 yen


(140,000+20,000) + 8% tax 12,800= 172,800 yen


(140,000+24,000) + 8% tax 13,120 = 177,120 yen


(140,000+28,000) + 8% tax 13,440= 181,440 yen


(140,000+32,000) + 8% tax 13,760= 185,760 yen

Additional utility costs: 10,000 yen per night. It’s no commission  
From 3rd March to 26th April 2019: 20% discount

Please inquiry the total cost details by email.
Utility costs : 10,000yen per day
All 7 rooms with ensuite.
No charges for babies with out bed (0 years old to 4 years old).
2,700 yen charge for babies if bed are necessary.

After 22 people every extra person will cost 3,240 yen(extra bed) per night. (also children)
20% discount :  for spring ski season (from 3rd Mar to 26th Apr)

Room Vacancy Information is click here

 Meteor Big Log Hotel have constructed a communal kitchen including fridge and freezer, oven and stoves,
 microwave oven, dish washer and all other facilities and utensils usually found in your own kitchen.

 This new improvement means that those staying in the log hotel will be able to cater for themselves.
 This is a great option for those staying for longer durations and the family groups who prefer to
 prepare their own culinary delights.

 This new development also lends itself to the larger groups who want to book the entire seven room
 lodge (22 people maximum) for themselves. Ideal for groups of friends and families.

 These prices mean the Log hotel will be held exclusively for your group (no other customers).

※Cancellation charges
 ・30~15 days prior to stay, 20%
  ・14~8 days prior to stay, 30%
 ・7~4 days prior to stay , 50%
 ・3 days prior to stay, 70%
 ・2 days prior to stay, 80%
 ・1 day prior to stay, 100%
 ・Day of stay, 100%

※Credit cards accepted (VISA、AMEX,MAS)

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